JustFonez Virtual Calling card is available in 60 Countries and you can tailor it to your preference, tie it up to you existing phone number (caller ID) for a PIN less Option or combined with the callback service and create your own Voip calling while on the move. Sign Up now and get you freedom calling from any pay phone across 60 countries:


Ø  Instant Setup and Activation

Ø  Available in 60+ countries

Ø  Can be used for all calls

Ø  Pinless option

Ø  Same low rates as in your calling plan

Ø  Use domestically or while abroad

Ø  No hidden charges

Ø  Stay in touch while on business trips

Ø  Cheap long-distance calls from any phone

Ø  Full IVR support




On-the-Move Calling Rates