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On-the-Move Calling Rates



We do understand that when your phone is not ringing, definitely you are not in business; we ensure customers are able to reach you anytime everywhere


From as low as $10, get our rechargeable prepaid calling account to call any destination and receive calls round the world at a price beyond competition and using any device of your choice or simply download our mobile dialer free


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From our array of services we offer the best money can buy in Voip, giving you the flexibility of a single account for multiple usage options. Not usage limit or expiry date and low tariff that keeps you calling and on the go.  


How it works?

Instead of a standard telephone line, your telephone calls are sent over high speed Internet connection.  Simply SignUp for an account and follow the details through your email and support tickets. For mobile calling simply down load our mobile dialer and enjoy crisp and clear calls with enhanced features