Apply for an account by visiting the ‘registration’- page and following the instructions. After you have filled in the required fields, you will see your login data on the screen. With this login data, you can visit the ‘Login’-page and enter customer area. Then you click on the ‘Manage accounts’ link,and add your IP address or generate a username and a password for SIP registration in the ‘Add account’ link. Having done allthese you can send voice traffic to our IP address, using either the SIP protocol or H323. If you use the SIP registration type, please send traffic to our SIP proxy, which is Supported Codecs: G729 / G723/ G.711 A / G.711 U You can download your invoices, CDR’s and make prepayments in the ‘customer self-care’ area. 



JusfFonez offers its services on prepaid basis only. You'll find several payment methods available in the 'customer self-care' such as Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)via paypal. The minimum required prepayment is USD 5. * No monthly fee. No volume commitment required * Billing in 1/1 increments (per second billing).If you are within the regions of Ghana, Kenya,Tanzania Uganda and 8 other African countries you can pay via Mobile Money Wallet or Bank transfer, or debit cards payment in the local currency. Pay the minimum equivalent of $5 in your currency or pay in dollarS payhere


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